Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fantom Fest 2014 in San Antonio, TX

I was very excited to be able to return to the Menger Historic Hotel to vend at the Fantom Fest 2014.  This hotel is beautiful and situated right across the street from the Alamo in downtown San Antonio, TX.  As a previous night auditor there, I can tell you without a doubt that this place is truly haunted... but I was made to sign disclaimers and documents preventing any public discussion of my 'paranormal experiences'.  You'll just have to read the book "Histories & Mysteries of the Menger" for the fluffier versions. I'm hoping at some point that they do allow a TV show to do a ghost hunting episode investigation there.
 My vending table at Fantom Fest, featuring handmade organic herbal goods, candles, jewelry, and magickal supplies.  Because it was a ghost hunting event, I focused on cleansing and protection.
Because there were Cosplay, Gaming, and Comic conventions going on simultaneously, I decided to dress up as myself- a Witch.  Just put on my regular clothes and popped on my pointy hat!
I was very busy setting up and vending so I was not able to take any of the classes or workshops given by the many celebrity speakers.  I did really enjoy myself though and want to thank my friends who stopped by and my brother who helped me so much that weekend.  I met all of the paranormal guests at least briefly.  For the most part, they were just really down to earth cool people. They brought their books, their art, and their stories to teach and entertain us. There were a few disappointments... I think being on TV or radio shows gave certain folks an inflated sense of ego, but hey, that is their luggage to haul around.
There was a guy making the most realistic vampire fangs I have ever seen. They were $100 but Hollywood quality. I passed on those (I think I would injure myself somehow) but bought several books and a St. Michael's medal that had been blessed at the Vatican. These were available at noted paranormal radio host's Dave Schrader's table (pictured below). We joked that even though he didn't know exactly who blessed the medals- the Pope or not- even a janitor working at the Vatican is sanctified!  I've been listening to Mr. Schrader's radio show for years- Darkness on the Edge of Town now usually shortened to Darkness Radio 
 Both Dustin Pari of TAPS and psychic Dakota Lawrence were very nice guys and great to meet!
 Robert Murch, an expert, collector, and artist of Ouija Boards was great. He had some really beautiful work at his table and gave me an ear load about working with the djinn. Very knowledgeable and interesting guy!
He brought both classic rare boards as well as many handmade pieces.  The snakeskin leather planchettes were gorgeous.

It was good to see psychic medium Jen Devellier again!  I met her last year at a Day of the Dead Paranormal event downtown. She was kind enough to sign one of her books for me.  Local horror author Tim Miller was there. After hearing that his writing was so graphic that wouldn't carry it, I had to pick up a few titles.  I'll let you know how that goes when I get some time to read those.  I really nice guy had helped my brother and I push my giant wagon train of boxes and display pieces into the vendors room before the event. Turns out that this was San Antonio's local Leather Face who is at so many conventions!  Thanks so much dude!  He scared the crap out of my mom once at MonsterCon. She was good natured about it and I have pics.

I also got to meet Steve Santini and his very sweet wife from the show Deals from the Darkside! He was named most extreme escape artist by Ripley's Believe it or Not and has been seen on Stan Lee's show Superhumans.  A fellow deep freak with a heart of black gold! Loved meeting them both. He had a table with a few curious antiques such as a chastity strap, a very evil looking iron mask, and various torture devices and chains.

Some of the other costumes seen about the event:

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